How can I change my payment method? My credit card has expired.

You can login to your client dashboard to change payment method or setup new subscription on a different credit card. If you already have an active subscription (e.g. via PayPal or please contact our billing department to have it updated or cancelled. 
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What is your mailing address? Where do I send check?

Our mailing address is as follows where you can send check and notify our billing department...

How can I update my contact and billing information?

You can login to your client dashboard to update your contact and billing details. 

I do not want to use credit card on the Internet. How can I pay for the services?

You can also send the payment via check. The address to send payment is on your invoice. Please...

How can I pay for the services? What payment types are accepted?

We accept payments via Credit Card and PayPal, and you can also send payment using check to the...

I forgot password to login to billing system. How can I login?

You can use password reset feature on the client dashboard to gain access. You will need access...