Can I host my email with you and website somewhere else or vice versa?

Yes, using DNS zone settings to point email or website to another provider can be arranged. This way you can host website and email service on your domain(s) at two different providers. Please contact support and provide us details of what changes are required and we can do that for you.
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Do I need a domain name for hosting account?

Yes, you need a domain name to host your web site. If you need help in choosing a domain name or...

Can you register a domain name for your clients?

Yes we can help you register the domain. You can choose a domain name at the time of ordering...

How much it costs for domain names? Is it included in hosting charges?

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Which domain names do you support? I have an International domain name.

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Can I create sub-domains?

Yes, you can create any number of sub-domains from your control panel.