Where do I upload my website files?

When you login via FTP or view your account files via cPanel File Manager, you will see some files and folders already exist in your account. These are important system files that you should not delete. They contain your website, visitor reports, emails, and other imporant system files.

On a Linux cPanel web hosting account, your home folder is typically /home/username/ (where username is your cPanel/FTP username).

Not all files under your home folder are accessible to public. You will see a folder named public_html

This public_html folder contains your website. You upload your website files there and they become accessible on the Internet. Anything outside of that folder is not accessible to the world wide web.

You can create new folders in your home folder to store private files e.g. /home/username/data.

If you create a folder inside public_html then it will be accessible to public over the Internet. So basically anything under public_html is for website, e.g. you create a folder called images under public_html then you can access it over the web at yourdomain.com/images/

Warning: Do not delete any pre-existing files or folders that you see in your account. They are important system files. 
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